What We Do

For our social casino brands, we deliver fully customisable social casino product offerings, operational management, internal and external marketing and 24/7 live support to ensure that all the brands and their players receive a great gaming experience.


List of Services

Player Account Management

A powerful admin dashboard to manage player activities and ensure smooth operations

Games Management System

Facilitates the easy management of multiple casino games in a hassle free environment

Games Content

Giving the ultimate player experience through thrilling games

Virtual Coins

Create unique virtual currencies to reflect the brand

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that strict social casino rules are followed at all times

KYC, AML & Fraud Prevention

Intuitive risk management tools monitor to keep the operation safe and secure

Payment Processing

Multiple options through cards, e-wallets, local banks and more

Customer Support Tools

Whether it’s phone, email, live chat or social, we have the needed mediums integrated


Ensures the brands are run without fail and to 100% functionality

IT Security

Protect against DDoS, hacks and other cyber attacks to ensure no leaks or downtime

Reporting Engine

Intuitive data platform digesting information from many sources of the operation

Promotional Tools

A flexible bonus and rewards engine to increase a player’s retention

Managed Customer Support

Highly skilled team of industry professionals with leading response times

Search Engine Optimisation

Wide and deep full-scope promotion by our team of SEO experts


Maximise the lifetime value of every player through the entire gaming journey

Affiliate Marketing

Our managers are ready to push our brands to through the world of affiliates

Performance Marketing

Effective optimisation of search to ensure great returns

Media Program Management

Our experienced media buyers build profitable campaigns

Data Intelligence

Everything we do is also data-driven through KPIs, benchmarking and data science

Dedicated Account Manager

Every brand has a dedicated manager to maximise its performance

24/7 Account Support

Our team is always on hand to resolve issues as they come up

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